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Door-To-Door Logistics In today's world of Social Media and user-tracking technologies, Door-to-Door advertising seems to be old fashioned. That is not the case for a small company from Southern California that is pushing online marketing strategies like segmentation and individual user targeting back into the physical world.

They hired Lagarsoft to create a map-based web app to process and visualize huge amounts of demographic data in a geographical context. The goal was to improve marketing campaigns by targeting the correct neighborhoods and demographics segments, as a result, they can optimize the resources, reducing waste and improving conversions.

Dashboard tool to analyze spatial data:

Door to door closeup: Information details can vary depending on the user's needs, for a user in the field it's useful to know each of the individual homes to visit, meanwhile for a manager it's important the aggregated data of the neighborhood or city.

Second Stage: Tracking In a second stage, we also created a mobile app for the teams in the field, that keep track of the individual deliveries home-by-home, enabled communication between the team members, and help to forecast the area to be covered by each person on each round.

Mobile App tracking demo: Instead of using dedicated GPS devices, we choose mobile phones, that are much flexible to use them as development platforms.


Leveraging third-party data allows people to focus their daily operations, improve logistics, use resources more efficiently and reduce costs.

Sometimes data is available, and we just need an ergonomic tool that allows us to navigate it.

BIM is a process that involves many areas of knowledge and tools. We enable stakeholders to have updated information at every moment and in every place.

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