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Creating change in the AEC industry

We Use Technology to Help You Build Better

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Our Mission

Create an environment where our team members can thrive, grow, and achieve their full potential, and love delivering the best possible solutions and service to our clients.

Who We Are

We are a team of engineers with a background in software development, data analysis, automation, architecture, real estate and agile management. 

At Lagarsoft, we are your reliable partners, specializing in the seamless integration of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations (AEC) with advanced Software Development skills.

Our focus is clear: to leverage technology for a more efficient and impactful approach to your projects.

Our Approach
🏗️ Elevating AEC & Proptech: Our in-depth understanding of AEC and Proptech allows us to guide you through the intricacies of these industries, providing tailored insights that drive your success.

🔌 Technology-Driven Excellence: By harnessing the power of BIM and Software Development, we enhance your processes, ensuring they are streamlined, collaborative, and optimized for the best outcomes.

🌀 Managing Complexity: In a world of complexity, we excel at bringing order to chaos. Our methodical approach ensures every project is meticulously handled from inception to completion.

🌟 Creating Impact: At Lagarsoft, we're not just about completing projects; we're about making a difference. Our work is designed to create a meaningful impact that resonates long after the project is done.
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Services we provide


We help you drive your resources to avoid technological hype and achieve results. We will work together to establish priorities, develop a timeline, and define when people will be involved in the project.

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New project do not have to start from a blank canvas each time, fostering continuous improvement and enabling the community to build upon existing solutions.

Who we work with

Real Estate

Enabling the creation of improved urban environments and the establishment of enhanced methodologies for construction.

Medium-sized engineering and architecture firms

Streamlining complex tasks and automating routine processes to assist you in achieving remarkable project outcomes, within schedule and budget constraints.


Transforming building data into actionable insights to achieve long-term capital objectives.

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Think we can help you?

We take a proactive approach to problem-solving and innovation, and actively seek out new opportunities for improvement and growth.