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We are a team of engineers with a background in software development, data analysis, automation, architecture, real estate, and agile management.

Staff Augmentation

We help you drive your resources to avoid technological hype and achieve results.

By adding new technology experts to the team, a company can focus on what it does best.
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Software Architecture

Building valuable software solutions with high quality and cost-effectiveness can be a hard skill to master, and in our case is what we love to do the most. To us, this means workflows, data structures, user interactions, and value delivered.
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When out-of-the-box software doesn’t cut it, we develop custom software solutions for your outside-the-box problems.

Sometimes you wish app X and Y were able to speak the same language and we can fill the gap for you.
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BIM is a process that involves many areas of knowledge and tools. We enable stakeholders to have updated information at every moment and in every place.

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