When out of the box functionality is no longer enough 




The functionality you need from tools you already haveNew features without new software 

Avoid the cost of buying new tools when the ones you already have can streamline your work with slight tweaks.

When out-of-the-box software doesn’t cut it, we develop custom software solutions for your outside-the-box problems. Sometimes you wish app X and Y were able to speak the same language, we can fill the gap for you.

How we can help


There are great tools out there like Revit, Archicad, Navis, Trello, Slack, BlueBeam and many more; but sometimes they just lack certain specific functionality that could make your life easier . In those cases, we can build that functionality for you and smooth your processes.

Systems Integration

Sometimes there is a great opportunity if two or more apps could work together. We help you by integrating disparate systems which means your users will not have to spend time copying and pasting data. The result, streamlined workflows and a reduction in error leading to better quality data to make decisions with. 

Data Aggregation

You use multiple software tools for your operations. The ability to centralize and aggregate that information into dashboards you can find actionable trends from is key to reduce overhead waste. Once there, you can build reports on top of that and extract valuable insights that will help you make decisions.

Take pride in your projectsThe Lagarsoft difference

Customizing software can be a double edged sword. New versions can cause customizations to fail and it may be difficult to update your tools in the future. Our experience with customizing tools based on our consultative approach means you are protected for the future. 

The right technology stack so your project is easy to update.

User centric design to decrease friction between process and tools.

Our culture ensures low turnover keeping expertise in house. 

Affordable rates by maintaining low overhead sustainable principles. 

Industry veterans to design your tools 

Our software architecture team is comprised of industry experienced experts who have worked in some of the world's largest prop-tech startups and established firms such as Case and WeWork. 

Pablo Gancharov Co-Founder & CEO

Julio Sarachaga Co-Founder & CFO

Martín Daguerre Co-Founder & CTO

Jorge Sierra Co-Founder & Head of Talent

Andrei Batovsky Senior Software Engineer

Jaime Piperno Senior Software Engineer

Regina Borgno Software Engineer

Federico Fernández Junior Software Engineer

Sol Risicato Junior Software Engineer