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We are a team of engineers with a background in software development, data analysis, automation, architecture, real estate, and agile management.

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What is software architecture? Among all the definitions we like:
“The set of decisions you wish you could get right early” - Ralph Johnson
“Things that people perceive as hard to change” - Martin Fowler

Why is important? One of the differences between building architecture and software architecture is that a lot of decisions about a building are hard to change. It is hard to go back and change your basement, though it is possible.

Software is not limited by physics like buildings are. It is limited by imagination, by design, by organization. In short, it is limited by properties of people, not by properties of the world. “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” - Martin Fowler

In short term, you can not distinguish the benefits of a poor quality software architecture vs high-quality software architecture, but after the first features are released, it’s natural to expect new requirements to appear, and the need for change arises.

On high-quality architectures making those changes is very easy, but if you had bad guidance, took bad decisions or “cut corners” the project becomes a nightmare. Lagarsoft Software Architecture services can help you make the right decisions and be proud of your projects .

BIM is a process that involves many areas of knowledge and tools. We enable stakeholders to have updated information at every moment and in every place.

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