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We are a team of engineers with a background in software development, data analysis, automation, architecture, real estate, and agile management.

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We deeply believe work should be something that fulfills people, challenging but rewarding too, that motivates you to get out of the bed to make the impossible, possible. To achieve that, we strive for curiosity; We are always learning and thinking about how we can do it better, and improving our tools.

To achieve more, we think carefully about how to spend our resources and how to avoid doing repetitive tasks that can be automated. We think people should work smarter not harder , focusing on what is meaningful.

At Lagarsoft we can put machines do stuff, if you want to see how that can help your company, drop us some lines: Contact Us

BIM is a process that involves many areas of knowledge and tools. We enable stakeholders to have updated information at every moment and in every place.

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Montevideo, Uruguay
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