GPS Tracking Functionality by Lagarsoft

Track and organize your teams with GPS in your software tools 



Location based logisticsDashboards and tools to analyze spatial data

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” - William Thomson

Today's logistics are managed with incredibly complex software by the world's largest companies. We've helped many companies leverage the power of spatial visualization to bring new insights to take their operations to the next level. Imagine the power of a map-based web app to process and visualize huge amounts of demographic data in a geographical context. Improve logistics, daily operations, and even marketing campaigns by targeting the correct neighborhoods and demographics segments. The result, optimized resources, reduced waste and an improvement in your results. 

How we can help youImagine the possibilities...


Information details can vary depending on the user's needs, for a user in the field it's useful to know each of the individual sites to hone in on, meanwhile for a manager it's important the aggregated data of the neighborhood or city.


We can also create mobile apps for your teams in the field, that keep track of the individual deliveries or visits site by site, enable communication between the team members, and help forecast the area to be covered by each person on each round driving your estimates down.


Instead of using dedicated GPS devices, we build platforms that can be accessed via mobile phones or tablets, that are much flexible to use them as development platforms.

Why choose Lagarsoft to build out GPS Functionality in your Software?

Proven industry experience. 

Save Time

There are many tools available in the market to collect, analyze and visualize data, but the real value comes from the ability to make all the pieces to work together, which is specifically the strength of our solutions. 

Web Based

We create applications that are web based so your users can work off any device with access to a web browser.  

Check team metrics on the go

Easily access and manage your team's performance from anywhere. We help you visualize actionable insights so you can concentrate on managing your day to day operations.