Software Developers

From part time development to full stack teams, we are here to help you make your vision a reality. 


Develop more efficientlyStaff Augmentation for Software Development Teams 

Skilled developers specializing in built space applications

Hiring highly specialized staff members is a difficult, time consuming and costly task, that may not be aligned to the changing needs of a project. Being able to ramp up or down team size according to meet changing demand without dealing with the liabilities of additional full-time employees can be a game-changer strategy.

We have developers available on both a full or part time basis. Need a software engineer who knows your stack and tools, but don't need a full software development department? We have you covered.

Our developers take a consultative approach to helping you solve technical challenges. Beyond simply coding, we offer advice on the best way to solve your software challenges.

We work with the following technology stack: 

tech stack


Finding the right partner to help you build your software tools is essential to your success. Our team can help you even if you are just beginning your software journey in a conceptual sense.

Take pride in your projectsHelping outside development teams since 2014

Finding the right partner to help you build your software tools is essential to your success. With so many outsourcing options, how do you choose? 

Industry experienced consultants who have been in your shoes

User centric design to decrease friction between process and tools.

Our culture ensures low turnover keeping expertise in house. 

Affordable rights by maintaining low overhead sustainable principles. 

Pablo Gancharov Co-Founder & CEO

Julio Sarachaga Co-Founder & CFO

Martín Daguerre Co-Founder & CTO

Jorge Sierra Co-Founder & Head of Talent

Andrei Batovsky Senior Software Engineer

Jaime Piperno Senior Software Engineer

Regina Borgno Developer

Raulino Amaral Associate Developer

Federico Fernández Associate Developer

Sol Risicato Associate Developer

Industry veterans to design your tools 

Our software architecture team is comprised of industry experienced experts who have worked in some of the world's largest prop-tech startups and established firms such as Case and WeWork.