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The Elegance of Minimalist Project Management✨

How to reach efficiency by building custom software without falling on the "big team" trap.

At Lagarsoft, a small development shop in Uruguay, we harness the power of small teams to deliver robust software using technologies like Java and React. Our approach blends the innovation and speed of a hack-a-thon team with the robustness of well tested technology, ensuring high-quality results for our clients.

Embracing Small Teams

Small teams, typically comprising 2-6 developers, are the backbone of our success. This structure allows us to maintain agility, foster innovation, and ensure each team member's contributions are significant and valuable.

Genuine Smallness 🌱

We keep our teams genuinely small to maximize communication and avoid bureaucracy. Each team member is fully engaged in the project, ensuring quick decision-making and problem-solving.

Group 10

Autonomy and Ownership 🛠️

Our teams operate with a high degree of autonomy. Each team is responsible for its retrospectives, sprint planning, and feature decisions, promoting a sense of ownership.

Single Leader Structure 🧑‍✈️

Each team has a designated leader who provides clear direction and supports the team’s mission. This leadership model flexibility in execution while avoids miscommunications or lack of commitment.

Clear Missions 🎯

Teams are given clear, well-defined missions. This clarity helps focus efforts and resources on achieving specific, measurable outcomes, aligning with client needs and project goals.

Balancing Enterprise Technology with Startup Agility

At Lagarsoft, we love reliable technologies like Java, React, and AWS, which provide robustness and are battle-tested. However, we apply these technologies with the nimbleness and flexibility of a small company, with a critical eye toward avoiding over-engineering. This approach ensures we can deliver high-quality, scalable software rapidly.

But also we have some transversal services that provides support when needed:

DevOps Support 🚀

Our DevOps support team relies on Terraform and Github Actions, to to manage infrastructure, ensuring consistency and predictability across projects.

Data Analysis 📊

We offer data analysis services using tools like Python and Power BI, providing deep insights that drive informed decision-making.

Customer Satisfaction Checkins 🤝

We have established customer satisfaction routine to ensure clients receive maximum value for their investment. These cross-checks focus on continuous feedback, quality assurance, and real support.

Group 11

Flexibility and Efficiency

Our small teams are highly flexible, able to change direction and adapt to new challenges quickly. This flexibility is essential in the fast-paced tech landscape, allowing us to meet client needs and market demands efficiently.

Trade-offs and Challenges

While our small team structure offers numerous benefits, it also presents challenges. Higher responsibilities and the need for multi-skilled developers can create hiring difficulties. However, the advantages of speed, innovation, and a strong team culture outweigh these challenges.

Conclusion 🏁

Lagarsoft’s approach to small engineering teams combines the best of both worlds: the innovation and agility of a small tech firm with the robustness of big company technology. This unique blend ensures we deliver exceptional results for our clients, maintaining our competitive edge in the development industry.