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Real Estate Insights Through Data Visualization Tools

Embark on a captivating journey through the dynamic landscape of New York City's real estate. At Lagarsoft, we are passionate about building creative solutions, delivering valuable insights to empower real estate professionals and enthusiasts alike. Current mapping technologies allow users to dive into various aspects of New York City properties, zoning regulations, and geographic trends.
We created an interactive data visualization tool by using a large data set from Pluto. This collection of detailed data about how land is used and where it's located provides a lot of information for thorough study and examination. Our solution consists of a web-based React Application that integrates the Pluto Dataset into an interactive map using Mapbox. This application aims to enable real estate professionals to explore and understand NYC's real estate landscape with ease.

Real Estate insights through data visualization tools

Unlocking the Visual World of NYC Real Estate

Explore the map, learn about the area, and gain valuable context as you navigate and explore marked lots. This tool helps you discover hidden potential and make informed decisions in the real estate world. Explore the map and learn more about the NYC area you're interested in. Fetch important information about nearby facilities, transportation options, and other details related to your interests.

This data representation tool converts complex information into a appealing format, making it easier to understand. Dive into the world of property values, analyze urban development patterns, and discover hidden opportunities. Using these insights, you can make better investment choices that set you apart in the industry.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Today's fast-paced world drives the real estate industry through data and the ability to make informed decisions . Traditional methods can be time-consuming and may not provide the insights needed to stay ahead in a competitive market. That's where advanced analytics and data visualization tools come into play.

Our solution is not about data representation but about empowering users with meaningful insights. We leverage advanced analytics techniques and algorithms to extract valuable patterns and trends from the vast real estate data. These insights, combined with intuitive visualizations, enable users to make informed decisions and drive success in their real estate ventures.


Lagarsoft's expertise, the comprehensive Pluto Dataset, and Mapbox's mapping capabilities come together to create an engaging experience. 

  • Improve the decision-making process.
  • Gain insights into the surrounding areas of interest.
  • Make informed decisions about real estate investments, urban planning, and more.

By utilizing advanced analytics and data visualization tools, real estate professionals can make more informed decisions on time. They can identify emerging market trends, assess property values , and test investment opportunities with greater precision. This not only gives them a competitive edge but also helps them to optimize their business strategies and maximize their returns.