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Notice something different?

New year, new look, but still the same great team! 


2021 is another year in the books. Over the past year as a company we have grown tremendously, more than doubling in size, and now have employees working across the world. 2021 was a year of firsts in so many ways. Keeping your eyes on the rearview mirror is never the best bet, but I wanted to share some of the amazing things that happened here at Lagarsoft: 

  1. We worked on our first on-site Hackathon 
  2. We added 5 new developers
  3. We are now working on projects in 3 continents
  4. We now have team members in 3 different countries
  5. We doubled our client base

As we looked to 2022 we decided it was time for a new look as a company. A couple weeks ago we wrote about the origins of the Lagarsoft name, this was actually a small spoiler. In keeping with the inspiration of our company name, we decided to incorporate a lizard into our new branding and change up our brand's look and feel.

This year we are focused on expansion. You may have noticed we are hiring for a variety of roles on our careers page. We always appreciate good referrals, so if you know anyone looking to make a change we would love to talk to them.  

If you haven't had a chance to take a look around our site, you'll also notice a few new services we've added to our offering this year. As I mentioned previously we worked on our first on-site hackathon last year which is now a new commercial service offering. We are also excited to launch our first webinar series in February this year, stay tuned for announcements on Linkedin as well as our blog. 

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