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Introducing the Lagarsoft Blog!

If you've visited our website before, you may notice something a bit different. We first created our website upon our launch in 2019, as a team of software developers we made the decision to create our first website from scratch without a CMS. 


DSC_5542Our team & client at a recent hackathon

2 and a half years and one global pandemic later, our now 10 strong team is fully engaged on projects and we are expanding (you can visit our careers page to see our open positions). That's meant less time to update the small stuff on our website such as adding details of projects we've worked on, or photos of new team members. The fact that we hard coded our first site meant a developer needed to get in behind the scenes and change things. 

I share this story because as a software architect it's important to realize when going fully custom is the right solution compared with utilizing one of the many available COTS (Commercial off the shelf tools) that can be integrated or slightly customized. If a tool is available it's almost certainly cheaper than hiring a developer, much less a team to create something from scratch. 

We decided to utilize HubSpot for our new website due to it's out of the box functionality and the ability to tweak it on a basic level by creating custom objects or working with HubDB. 

I digress, the point of this blog is to announce that with our move to V2 of our website, it's time to take up blogging again. We've spent the pandemic working on some really cool tools, solutions, and other projects. Blogging is one of the ways we are going to start sharing more of our expertise with the world such as how-tos on exporting Revit models to UnReal Engine for visualization or our best practices for hosting a successful hackathon! We hope you will, you can sign up here or via the popup in the bottom left to be notified when we have new posts. We promise it will be worthwhile.