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In Times of LLMs and Tech Layoffs, the key is Teamwork.

The job market was, is and will be an ever changing context. Each generation and tech development brings its own flavor to it; leaving room for reflection and analysis. 

At Lagarsoft we are keen on looking for the latest trends and analyzing the market so as to rapidly evolve and meet success.

It is not rare to have talent...

but it is rare to have talent and the ability to work well in a team.

One of the major changes in the software development market is the fact that the quantity of developers and engineers has soared in the past few years. 

Does this indicate market saturation? Well, not really. There existed a real need or demand that filled that offer. But, was it efficient?

We could take X (former twitter) as a case study. Far be it from us to romanticize layoffs, we do want to dissect what happened here a bit more.  

One of the pivotal moments in X was the layoff of 80% of collaborators. A structural number for any business… but results will leave you in awe. 

Code creation vs maintenance 

Now’s the moment that someone shouts out: AI exists! But, apples and oranges… you might use AI tools to prototype code or even to abridge coding processes. And we support that!

Nevertheless, getting assistance in code creation is not maintaining it. Moreover, maintaining code is way more complex and expensive. So…

Hence, you can say this time we’ve gained with these new tools must be allocated towards: creative thinking, designing, and most importantly; Team Work. Key to success!

What really leverages devs’ performance is teamwork.

Small & Collaborative Teams Wanted

So, the way we work and how we do it narrows down to the way we organize and execute tasks. But, there’s a catch…

The way we communicate, the channels we use and how we do it have become a pillar in understanding structural aspects of the tasks and the market.

Not only our job market, but also education has shifted to a human-centered communicative and constructivist approach, so the alpha generation joining the working-world will print these characteristics. 

Iteration: calibration and communication 

It has always been about people communicating, creating strong and reliable teams has become a must-do in today’s context.

In Lagarsoft we believe one of the main features in agile and team working environments is iteration. Why? 

Well, it provides the opportunity to grow on two main aspects: generating a common language and, sharing and setting objectives.

Iteration creates a fertile terrain to meet and show in short periods of time

This is what makes an A-level team, showing mutual understanding and finding tools and strategies to convey and work challenges out. 

What did you do, Elon?

Let’s now see what Elon Musk did. According to the X-Thread presented by Andrej Karpathy he opted for small, strong and highly technical teams. 

The three main aspects he advocates: independent decisions, short-practical meetings, fast bottle-neck resolution, and a vibrant workplace.

How do we know if this worked? Well, X has released more features than ever before. And, you might wonder… What about Lagarsoft?

Lagarsoft & Its Cultural fit

We strongly believe that creating these top-notch teams, devoted to efficiency and highly committed to high performance is paramount. 


In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and shifting job markets, Lagarsoft remains committed to the power of small, collaborative teams. 

By prioritizing communication and continuous improvement, we ensure that our teams are not just surviving, but thriving. 

This is how we navigate the complexities of the modern tech world.