Autodesk Platform Services Developers

APS formerly known as Forge is Autodesk's tool to unlock the power of design and engineering data for custom software applications or workflows. Applications built on APS are scalable, secure, and can be developed quickly. Lagarsoft’s team of Fullstak Developers is on hand to help you design, develop, then deploy new software and tools to your team.


What is APS (Autodesk Platform Services)? 

A platform of Web Service APIs that allow you to integrate data from Autodesk applications with other tools. 

Our team of developers can help your company address engineering, construction, and manufacturing challenges by creating customizable and scalable solutions that meet the digital needs of tomorrow. 

Empower your businessOur Autodesk Platform Services Solutions 

At Lagarsoft we help teams get things done. Specifically we build applications, integrations, and help you manage your business processes through technology. A Platform Developer can help you with the following:

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Web Applications

Our team builds web applications that harness the power of your cloud data. 

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Data Management

The Forge Data Management API allows you to harness data across BIM 360 Team, Fusion Team, BIM 360 Docs, A360 Personal, and the Object Storage Service.

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Webhooks & Alerts

Receive notifications from Autodesk Web Services. 

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Model Viewer

The Model Derivative API allows you to convert 2D drawings or 3D models to be viewed outside their native platforms to create rich interactive experiences on desktop or mobile devices. 

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Design Automation 

Automate repetitive design tasks by running scripts on your files. The Design Automation API will empower your teams to do more, and improve quality by eliminating human error. 

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Reality Capture

Utilize the Reality Capture API, drones, cameras, or laster scanners plus the power of photogrammetry to create meshes and point clouds, then create 3D models. 

Why use Autodesk APS? 

Forge allows you to integrate other tools with Autodesk's BIM 360 platform. This will help you  expand its capabilities to reach stakeholders that do not have direct access to Autodesk licenses but can still benefit from data created during the BIM process. 

If you can write rules for a task, it can be automated. Much of the work we do on a day to day basis is repetitive which leads to human error. Using an Autodesk Forge Developer to create automation scripts that run on design tools such as Revit can be used to eliminate overhead time spent on these tasks all while improving your quality. 

Your models and drawings have actionable information that other employees, departments, or outside stakeholders may need. Using the Forge Viewer will enable you to harness dozens of file formats to deliver an output viewable by others without a Revit or Autocad license along with any needed metadata. 

Our Autodesk Forge Developers can help you access your data from BIM 360, Fusion 360, BIM 360 Docs, and the Object Storage Service to create web applications that display data that users can leverage to find actionable insights.

Need an Autodesk Platform Developer? Our team is here to help develop your BIM application 

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