Releasing an application is just the start of your journey. 

Users will have questions, your infrastructure will change and things will behave unexpectedly. From simple bug fixes to completely new versions, our team is here to keep up with change. 


From MVP to full platform architecture

Your vision designed to exacting standards

Building valuable software solutions with high quality and cost-effectiveness can be a hard skill to master, and in our case is what we love to do the most. To us, this means workflows, data structures, user interactions, and value delivered.

Additional features and functionality built right.When out of the box doesn't cut it. 

Our team specializes in customizing the tools and systems you already have. Sometimes you wish app X and Y were able to speak the same language and we can fill the gap for you.


There are great tools out there like Revit, Archicad, Navis, Trello, Slack, BlueBeam and many more; but sometimes they just lack certain specific functionality that could make your life easier . In those cases, we can build that functionality for you and smooth your processes.

System Integration

Sometimes there is a great opportunity if two or more apps could work together, by enabling that we help users to stop spending time copying and pasting data around and being able to focus on doing what is meaningful.

Data Aggregation

Companies use multiple software pieces for their operations, being able to collect all the data that is generated, centralize it and make it compatible to be aggregated is key to reduce overhead waste. Once you get the right data workflow you can build reports on top of that and extract valuable insights that will help to make decisions.

Software and technology are never staticOur team is there to help you keep up with user needs

From bug fixes to new versions of your tool, we are a support partner you can count on. 

Nothing is constant but change. As the built space evolves, your tools need to be updated to fix potential security issues, or maybe to add new features and functionality to your existing systems. 

Releasing an application is not a goal, it's the beginning of a journey. 

Users may have questions, your infrastructure may change, or something may behave unexpectedly. 

Depending on the level of support you require, we will: backup your data; conduct regular, preventive maintenance; generate performance analytics, and establish a helpdesk so users can report issues and get support for any problems they've encountered. This will allow you to offer a smooth experience for your users, by providing the infrastructure, support, and maintenance you need.

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Every successful journey requires a map. 

When you first create an application, you probably have a vision in your head of where you are going. Along the way there may be detours or your destination changes. We've been in your shoes before. Our team has helped countless companies and teams deal with responding to organizational or user needs. Roadmapping is how you align on what needs to prioritize and at what pace you can sustainably accomplish your goals. 


Keep up with user demands

Whether its simple updates to the backend of your tool, or a full soup to nuts new version, our team can support you. Depending on your needs, we will recommend a strategy to update your tools. The result, a new version of your software that meets your needs today. 

Why Lagarsoft? 

Our prototyping services are founded on Technical Knowledge, agile project management experience and passion for doing what we love. We work close to you to understand the root cause of the problem, proposing multiple ideas to approach them, and collecting valuable feedback to generate an action plan. All enclosed in a time box, so we can avoid long meetings, coordination overhead, and help you alleviate the risk of trying to solve this on your own.

Seeing is believing. In order to get buy-in for your idea from other stakeholders, you need to show how and why your idea will shine. We can help you create a functional application to share your idea with the world; something you can try on your phone or computer to get buy-in from others and feedback from potential users. Sometimes the outcome may be the discovery that what you’re trying to do isn’t feasible or don’t require a technological solution. In either case, the outcome will always be valuable insight and feedback, that will help you make better decisions and use resources more efficiently.

Often it's necessary to move fast. We help you create minimum viable products in weeks, not months. We design and build on best practices that mean in the future you can add additional features and functionality for use cases you envision today, or others you discover based on feedback from your users. 

What our customers say

Super proud of the team I worked with in Uruguay to go out on their own and build their own Dev shop. These guys are 🔥🔥🔥if you need tech built for CRE, AEC, VDC or BIM

When I joined KatalystDI to work on technology at the intersection of construction and data, they were one of the first calls I made. Today we work with a large team from Lagarsoft collaborating on a variety of tasks from systems architecture to the development of our tools.

Libo Li
CTO, KatalystDI

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