Est. 2019

Lagarsoft SRL was founded in Montevideo Uruguay by Julio Sarachaga, Pablo Gancharov, Martin Daguerre, and Jorge Sierra in 2019. This is the story of our mission, and where we came from. 


How we all met2014, Case Development Inc.  

Our team of co-founders were working together in the software engineering team. 

Case was a development team based in New York and Uruguay with remote employees across the world. Our co-founder team, at that time colleagues bonded over a shared love of designing and developing web systems for clients in the built environment. As a team we had the chance to work on amazing projects from clients such as Apple Retail, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Turner Construction, Estee Lauder, RTKL, and of course: WeWork. 

In 2015 it all changedOur client at Case, WeWork was expanding rapidly

WeWork was one of the most innovative companies of the 2010s. It was an exciting place to work full of new ideas and enthusiasm for changing the way we work. The culture of co-working drove our team to new heights where ideas about what it meant to build, gather insights from data, and how best to grow thrived. Our team worked as Senior Software Engineers building applications that enabled WeWork's quick growth by diminishing the time it took from acquisition to opening for new co-working spaces. 


2019 A year of transition

The beginning of the beginning

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The Decision

One day our employer took the decision to relocate our team to the US, San Francisco specifically. Like many other corporate moves, we were offered the possibility to relocate or find something new to do. 

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Entrepreneurial Spirit

It had always been something we each independently thought about, opening up our own firm and controlling our destiny. We knew the time was right to make that shift. 

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Our First Clients

We spent the first month or so aligning on mission, planning the business, putting our website together from scratch. Good Counsel was our first client that gave us the opportunity to start proving our mettle. 

Our new missionUltimately, we made the decision to strike out on our own

The love of our homeland, Uruguay was too much to overcome. Thus, Lagarsoft was born. Each of us had our own reasons, here are our individual stories.

I’m a Senior Software Architect and Co-Founder of Lagarsoft. I’m personally passionate about building software with a focus on changing the way people work and interact with technology. I strive to be an innovator, always searching out new ways of doing things and learning from the latest industry trends. 

When WeWork decided to move the team to the United States, leaving my family was a decision I could not take lightly. Fortunately, the option also came with the ability to leave with a generous severance. I'd always dreamed of starting my own firm, and out of that dream Lagarsoft was born. 

I’m a proactive Full Stack Software Engineer with 11 years of experience in the IT industry who loves constantly to learn new technologies. I have always been focused on making high quality, elegant and simple solutions. I love working as a team and I’d describe myself as a really good teammate, easy to work with, that likes helping others when needed. 

As WeWork prepared to relocate, I initially started the visa paperwork. The process was grueling to say the least and came with huge uncertainties. Like Pablo I had always dreamed of owning my own firm. With his energy I knew we would be successful and reluctantly made the decision to leave WeWork which had been to that point one of my favorite places to work. The energy and atmosphere working around others just as passionate as myself pushed me to be the best I could. I took that energy and focused it on founding the team when I knew I would not be alone in this journey. 

I am a Co-Founder and CFO of Lagarsoft. Prior to starting Lagarsoft I was part of the remote team working for WeWork as a Senior Software Engineer.

I had just closed on a new house prior to WeWork taking the decision to relocate our team. After hearing that my former colleagues would be setting up their own shop, I knew I had to be a part of this exciting new venture!

I was the final member to join the nascent Lagarsoft team. I actually initially accepted WeWork's offer to move to the United States and relocated to NYC for a short time. After three months, I knew it wasn't for me and headed back to Uruguay. 

I called up my former colleagues and they were happy to have me on the team. I immeadiately knew we would have need for more employees in the future and started the process to learn human resources and the intricacies of hiring and running a company in Uruguay. Today I am also the head of talent for Lagarsoft as we grow and scale!

Meet our amazing team!

Our team is the most important part of our company. Learn more about our talented developers. 

Pablo Gancharov Co-Founder & CEO

Julio Sarachaga Co-Founder & CFO

Martín Daguerre Co-Founder & CTO

Jorge Sierra Co-Founder & Head of Talent

Andrei Batovsky Senior Software Engineer

Jaime Piperno Senior Software Engineer

Regina Borgno Software Developer

Raulino Amaral Software Engineer


Federico Fernández Associate Developer


Sol Risicato Associate Developer

Mario Paulsen Senior Software Engineer

Giuliana Fertonani Associate Developer

Maykel Oropeza Senior Software Engineer

Romina Dos Santos Associate Developer

Marcel Oramas Associate Developer

Lucia Osorio Project Manager

Gonzalo Hernandez Senior Software Engineer

Soledad Daguerre Operations

We founded Lagarsoft on three core values

  • Building projects we are passionate about, 
  • Teaching others about the power of software, and
  • An inclusive culture for our colleagues and employees to perform optimally. 

That has translated in a small but strong core team that operates autonomously and delivers quality work to our customers. 



The best country in the world

Our headquarters are in Montevideo Uruguay, excuse us from our hubris, but we believe it is the best country in the world. One of the reasons we founded Lagarsoft was to be able to stay in our homeland with our families and loved ones. Beyond our personal connections with the country, we love the quality of life, climate, and atmosphere here. 

We value our colleagues

We do our best work when we feel happy, well rested, and it only makes sense that our employees work the same way. Beyond the traditional 4 weeks of vacation we offer, we close for the last week of the year to give the team time to spend with their families so they can come back well rested and ready to hit the ground running in the new year. 

Part of our culture, and how we run our company is to build up our colleagues with independent drive and self sufficiency. We are always here to answer questions, but value the ability to work head down and solve problems. We try to host get togethers when we can, and have bi-weekly happy hour calls to relax and talk about things beyond work. This keeps us engaged with eachother and gives us a bit of down time to look forward to. 

What our customers say

Super proud of the team I worked with in Uruguay to go out on their own and build their own Dev shop. These guys are 🔥🔥🔥if you need tech built for CRE, AEC, VDC or BIM

When I joined KatalystDI to work on technology at the intersection of construction and data, they were one of the first calls I made. Today we work with a large team from Lagarsoft collaborating on a variety of tasks from systems architecture to the development of our tools.

Libo Li
CTO, KatalystDI