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We are a team of engineers with a background in software development, data analysis, automation, architecture, real estate, and agile management.

Service Summary

Hiring highly specialized staff members is a difficult, time consuming and costly task, that may not be aligned to the changing needs of a project. Being able to ramp up or down team size according to meet changing demand without dealing with the liabilities of additional full-time employees can be a game-changer strategy.

We had been leveraging teams of Architects, Designers, BIM Managers, Construction Managers and Lawyers since 2014, providing technical expertise and helping avoid technological hype. When an active project requires more resources to be completed on time, staff augmentation is typically the best option and is often the only option.

Startups and mid-size companies usually require people to do too many tasks, that cause overhead, context switching, and underperformance; By adding new skill sets to the team, a company can take advantage of both external and internal resources, allowing people to do what they love and do best.

BIM is a process that involves many areas of knowledge and tools. We enable stakeholders to have updated information at every moment and in every place.

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